Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

.....So many thoughts, so many things to do....I almost don't know which way to go first. I guess it started with last week's birthday party for our 7 year old grandson. I wasn't in charge of it but I did bake cupcakes (his choice) and a cake. I made 'Pokepicks' for it. I printed several pages of Pokemon characters onto cardstock and cut or punched them out and glued 2 onto a toothpick and used them for picks on the cupcakes. Grandson J loved them so much that he stuck LOTS of them into the cake and it looked like a porcupine, but he was happy and that's what matters. He wanted to decorate his own cake and I let him.
I had a couple of games for the kids....the  boys won the caterpillar game.
You should have heard the kids scream when I asked if they wanted to play 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', it was a hit!!!
Grandson J really, really, wanted a pinata. The kids always have a hard time breaking finally broke and they scampered for the candy.

What a busy week............Monday I had surgery on my hand, then lunch with a friend, and the Red Hat banquet in the evening. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I am working. I got flowers and a gift card at work on Wednesday for Administrative assistants day, I'll take it!

Friday I am going to Green Bay with 2 of my grand kids and DIL for a field trip. We are going to the Wildlife Sanctuary Animal center (I have never been there) and the NEW zoo in Suamico. I haven't been there in years. I haven't seen those kids since right after Christmas and my DIL is a sweetie, I can't wait! That night I and bff are attending Heart O'Rama to watch a fellow Red Hatter perform. Local talent puts on many funny skits to raise money for the Heart Association.

Saturday I have stuff to do at church. Sunday I am teaching Sunday school and them am off to St. Point to watch my other 2 granddaughters dance recital. Before I go I have to buy/wrap birthday gifts for 2 of the kids whose birthdays were earlier this month. 

Things on my to do list for next week: find and price stamps for the used stamp sale at the Sayner Stampede (first weekend in May); pack for that weekend convention; help clean out my mom's tiny apartment (that will be a major undertaking); renew my drivers license that expires on Monday; make a salad for our Red Hat meeting on Tuesday: go to the dentist and 2 other Dr appointments.....

So I am doing a lot of thinking about how/when I am going to get all of this done.  BTW, the frog cookie at the top of this post was from one of my bosses, he bought them for his grand daughters and had a couple left. Isn't it adorable?????


  1. You know who else would have liked that cookie?

  2. Whoa your calendar is full!

  3. Hi Linda--I tried sending an email but had no response. So trying to contact you here. you were my blog winner for the dies and embossing folders :)
    check out my blog here---