Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flopsy and Mopsy Are Here to Save the Day

Feeling a little down in the dumps today so I decided to put these two Easter bunnies on my table to cheer me up....make it feel a little more like spring, like Easter.....although I have a feeling the dark chocolate kisses will do a much better job at it. Hubby plays those stupid games at the bowling alley and every now and then he brings home stuffed animals. I don't/never did like stuffed animals so we pawn them off on the grand kids......ha ha ha!
I am really happy that I have my ATCs (artist trading cards) designed for the Sayner Stampede in May. It's a rubber stamping convention that I attend every year with friends. I have never made the ATCs, but always wanted to do so. One of my freinds wanted to do it and I agreed, I know I'll be happy about it because I'll get to trade with the others who made ATCs.
Happy Easter week to you! If you're on break, enjoy....if not .....enjoy anyway.

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  1. I've been present at some ATC events--fascinating, though I've never made any myself. How many will you need to make?