Monday, April 30, 2012

It's My Birthday!

Yup, I'm another year older............just what I wanted?????
A friend gave me this Royal Dalton birthday tea cup. Isn't it pretty? As I mentioned in an earlier post April and May are full of birthdays for me. 

Sorry I haven't posted or commented on anyone's's been kinda hectic here. Friday I went on a field trip with 2 of my grand kids....was good to see them. I also received my Girl Scout cookies (and the Thin Mints are pretty tasty). That night I went to Heart O'Rama (vaudeville type skits put on my locals to raise money for the Heart Association. One of my friends performed.

Sunday I went to my daughters to the dance recital 2 of my granddaughters danced in. The younger one (nearly 4) is a very enthusiastic dancer and was not nervous one bit! They are beautiful girls and wonderful dancers. We had an early dinner and shortly afterward I came home. It's about 2 hours away. All the way home I felt sick so I grabbed an extra quilt and snuggled up in bed at 8PM when I got home.....

Until the phone woke me up..... My sister (who lives in the same city as our mom) had to take mom to ER. To make a long story short Sandy was running or on the phone most of the day regarding mom's care. She has been moved to a nursing home. She only needs 24 hour care for a couple of days but the insurance won't pay unless she is in for a whole month  ><_+&#%^@??? Does that make any sense?

My SIL was planning to take my out for breakfast but that fell through. Hubby did give me a card, gift card for gas (which will come in REALLY handy-lots of driving to see mom and The Sayner Stampede this weekend) and a very pretty silver necklace with a cross inside of a heart. I did get some phone calls and cards from friends....but.....

I'm worried and tired and as far as birthday go this is a 'meh'.


  1. Even tho ALOT is going on..
    BIRTHDAY, Linda!!!
    Be sure to enjoy your special day, even if it's later in the week!

  2. Happy Birthday! Not commenting can be forgiven when you are living a life so full of grandmother duties and worry over your mother.

  3. We can celebrate on Friday! Woo hoo!