Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thouhgts on Thursday

My thoughts today are pretty scattered and depressing. Before I explain that I want to share my grandchildren with you. They are the best!!!! Last Friday was a beautiful day and I was fortunate enough to spend part of the day on a field trip with the kids and their mom at a wildlife center and a small zoo.
 These are my son's children, I don't get to see them  often enough and I really wished they lived closer, their mom is awesome.
Feeding the giraffes was a hit!!!

My grandson at the top of the observation tower.
Giraffes have really long tongues.

The wildlife center is a beautiful place for a beautiful girl to pose.

At my daughters, her (almost) 4 yr old made a fort. OK, I put the blankets on, but she had it all set up.
Before the dance recital, robes over the's a tradition not to show the I never get a photo. I just get to look at their beautiful faces.

This was her fist year of dance and the recital, no nervousness in her vocabulary. The girls had so many flowers at their house, flowers are traditionally given after a performance.

Me and my 2 girly granddaughters.

My oldest grandchild, how did he get to be 12? I just bawled when I found out he was born on Easter Sunday.

The other grandma bought sundaes for all the April & May birthdays....we expected small cups. Most of us didn't finish ours.

Sunday I watched the dance recital at the Sentry Ins building in Stevens point. It is always a fabulous show. My daughter is almost 2 hours from here. I often wonder how my daughter does all she does....but then, she had a great husband who helps a lot. I couldn't ask for a better father for my grands.

Well, now, for the not so good thoughts...........Sunday night my sister ended up taking our mom to ER and to make a long story short she is now in a nursing home temporarily. But mom doesn't like nor is she use to having so many people around her or sharing a room with some one who doesn't watch TV. Mom's not happy, although she is better (physically, not mentally). My sister, who lives close to mom, is bearing the brunt of making decisions, taking care of the animals, taking things to mom (including her lift chair). She has health issues of her own and it is taking a tole on her. I call mom every day, talk to the workers to see how she is, but in a physical sense I haven't done anything. You may not think it but it is bothering me....I know b/c I am not sleeping good. Should we try to get her into assisted living? or just back to her apartment?

Fortunately, for me, I have the Sayner Stampede this weekend. I am really looking forward to getting away (but I do feel guilty for leaving my sister). I know we'll have a great weekend. Sounds like I'll celebrate my birthday then. I am not real big on celebrating my day.....but a little acknowledgement would be nice. I was on the phone when hubby came home so he put my gift & card on the table and that was it :-(. Glad that he thought of me but sad b/c I really needed a hug and some kind words. He has only asked once about my mom........  I know I shouldn't complain but I do feel very sad.

Monday I am going to see mom, haul a truck load (literally) of stuff to my sisters, and hopefully get some cleaning done in mom's apartment. I am hoping Sandy and I can make a small dent in the clutter. She'll have to be the brains and I'll have to be the brawn......quite laughable if you think about it.

Lots to do today...........wish me luck, say a prayer..........whatever you can.

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  1. Be glad that you have a sister to share the Mom duties with. I know in my family that the three surviving siblings sort of take turns doing the caring. In times past, I was the one with more time...but lately my younger sister has been the one to step forward because she is now retired. The photo of you with your granddaughters is just BEAUTIFUL. And happy birthday.