Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sayner Stampede Weekend

I was really excited to get away for the weekend with friends. The Sayner Stampede is an annual stamping convention that I have attended with friends for at least 8 years. We make our room reservations for the following year when we check out. We leave Friday mid morning and arrive in time for the round robin at 6PM. Sayner WI is about 215 miles away. I'm not sure how long it takes to drive there because we stop at a truck stop on the way up for the buffet, we may make another stop or 2 if we want to. This year we made a slight detour to visit my mom who was unexpectedly, recently put into a nursing home. I am glad we were able to do that.

It was a rather 'funny' weekend.............
Since I had a lot going on last week I was still packing the morning we left (not usual for me) but I picked up friend #1 on time. The car needed to have a full gas tank, so I pulled into my favorite gas station...on the wrong side of the pump. I've had that car for 3 years, you'd think I'd remember which side the gas tank is on!

We picked up our other friend and got all of our stuff packed and were off without a hitch. While I was driving I got a call on my cell phone (a rare occurrence). After some digging in my purse Debbie located my phone but missed the call......a little fumbling around later and she returned the call and talked to my sister on my behalf. If I don't have to talk when driving I won't.

After the detour to visit my mother we were talking and I missed my turn so we went somewhat out of the way on the remainder of the way up north.

We arrived at the location for the round robin (everyone make 6 projects in 4 hours- 30 min for each project, moving from table to table, and time for snacks and door prizes) early because Carolee was leading one of the projects. I sat down at the table I was starting at and looked at the card we were making and took it apart and started about 5 minutes early.....I got 'yelled' at, so I stopped. As we were all working on it I noticed that I did not have the correct parts for my card.....I got 'yelled' at again b/c that wouldn't have happened if I had started early....huh????

The following evening, after the actual convention, I helped Carolee with a class she was leading. There wasn't enough time for us to set up before the attendees arrived and it went over the time by well over an hour.  My back and feet were letting me know that it went over the time. Most of the women were quite nice and understanding, but some, not so much. We finally get back to the hotel and picked up Deb and stopped at a pizza place that had high recommendations from friends.......they were done serving. It's a very small town and nearly everything shuts down at 9PM, even on Saturday night.

This morning we wake up to rain. It's raining when we pack the car up.....the seat on the driver side is wet so I look like I wet my pants. The Goodwill store is really close to where I purchase gasoline on the way home so we stopped there, we are not even 1/2 home.  As I am making my way up to the check up I notice a guy, he looks at me, I look at him, we continue walking...........and then I turn around and call out "Jason". It was my youngest son. I guess you'd say we are estranged....I haven't seen him in about 2 years. I know he lives 'up north' but not exactly where. We had a nice little visit and I am certainly glad I made the 'executive decision' to stop at Goodwill before lunch.

Lastly we stop at our favorite liquidators.............come along and do some window shopping:

Don't you love the pink flamingos? We did!
We always shop here on the way home.


I hit the scrapbooking aisle first.

We each found a few things to buy....we know we will!
Being the 'understanding' person I am I stopped at the casino we pass by so my friends could gamble. It was a good opportunity for me to call my sister and get an update on my mom.
The casino, I loved the windows, they 'roll' so it looks like a slot machine.   

When I got home hubby was his usual, quiet self....never said a word to me or asked about my weekend or mom..... Maybe I blog to have someone to talk to?????

In a day or 2 I will post some of the cards I made at the convention and some of the ATC's I traded for.


  1. I am going to be giving away a scrapbooking kit in a week or so!
    Pop by, or you can save $10 and order it (code is on my sidebar!)

  2. I would say that your guardian angel arranged that "chance" meeting with your son. I love hearing about meetings like that.