Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

My thoughts today are about how sometimes when you think things are at their worst and you just don't know how you will survive......that situation turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. This has been on my mind because of the things happening around me.
My mother was forced into a nursing home all of a sudden. We've been thinking it was getting to be time that she move into assisted living but how could we broach the subject with her? Her tiny apartment is crammed full of stuff, but she likes all of her stuff, so how could we get it out of there? Now she is really looking forward to getting into her new place! We are getting rid of a lot of stuff and my sister is taking some of her belongings to her place for mom to go through at a later date. Today I get to go and help clean the apartment, the first of many days to come, I am sure.
A young couple I know has had some bad things happen to them: the husband lost his job and they are being forced to move. God has turned that situation in a blessing too! Their present  apartment does not have an outdoor space for the children to play in. The new place they are looking at is near a park. The young man does not have a high school diploma nor did he have insurance. Now he WANTS to get his GED. We tried to get him to pursue it for several years...but now HE wants it. Hopefully when he finds a new job he'll have insurance. Now he is home in the evenings to spend time with his children, they need their dad around.
I'm sure if I thought longer I could give more examples.
Are you making life's lemons into lemonade?
Or is God turning the circumstances into good for you? My bet is on the last statement. 

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