Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, Ho-Made Weed Killer, & a Little Bit More

Now that the first big weekend/holiday of 'summer' is over it's time for me to get back to the 'real' world.  When Monday is a holiday my work week changes, so I was off today also. *SMILE*
       Anheuser-Busch's tribute to Memorial Day

This morning I went to help my sister get our mom's new apartment all set up and then stopped to see mom. Sandy had most everything in order, the place just needed finishing touches. We hung some pictures, put up valances, and just made it look nice for her. Wish I could be there when she comes home but I have to work so will call her later in the day.

I had a nice, relaxing weekend for the most part. I am still feeling the stress from the 'drama incident' I wrote about earlier. I really don't like 'fighting' but I am owed an apology (I was accused of doing something that someone else did). I truly would love to have all my family and friends to get along! Hubby had to work part of the weekend and we hadn't made plans so I was happy to stay home and do some planting. A couple of friends stopped over and I had good conversations with them. I am not finished planting but did get my 4 kohlrabi and tomato plants in pots and most of my flowers planted. Naturally I have to buy more. I have a gift certificate to a local greenhouse so will stop there after work tomorrow.

I used my home made weed killer to get rid of some of the weeds.
            1 gallon vinegar (I used white)
            1 # table salt
            2 T dawn dish washing detergent
I don't care to use chemicals if I don't have to. And that brings up my question.....does anyone have a natural remedy to keep the ants out of my house? In reality we live in Lake Michigan so the ants are always present and love to come in....but I prefer not to share with them.

On my way home from the 81 mile trip to my mom's I stopped at Barnes & Noble to have them look at my Nook....it appears it's all up to par. I browsed a bit, love that store. If I lived closer I'd 'run away from home' and stay there all day. After that I decided to look around in Goodwill, where I got a pretty multicolor t-shirt for work. Green Bay has a lot of road construction going on so I used my OnStar to help me get back in the right direction for home.

I hope your summer is off to a great start!!!!

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