Monday, May 7, 2012

ATCs From the Sayner Stampede

Here are the ATCs I received in trade at this year's stamping convention.This is a small convention held in northern Wisconsin on the first weekend in May, which coincides with the first week of trout fishing. I have been attending with friends for many years, so many in fact, that last year we earned a free night at the hotel. That part of Wi is sparsely populated and unemployment is not uncommon. people come from all over the state, Michigan, and we met some women from Ontario.
When you arrive at the convention site everyone who made ATCs to trade signs in, gets a pin that states you are a trader, and pins up an ATC for everyone at the convention to vote on. 
One of the first gals I traded with took my ATC and said "I looked up Sayner ATCs and your blog was the first to come up". That was pretty exciting for me and my eclectic blog. I know my blog is not all about stamping or even chocolate...but maybe you'll enjoy some of my daily thoughts & life. I'd love to read your comments and share ideas.
Under the jar of buttons it asks "We're actually supposed to use our supplies?" I think most paper or fabric crafters can relate to that.
The winner of the ATC contest is the one in the upper left hand corner.
All of the ATCs are so interesting and different. I am so glad I made trades. I have quite a few left but that's OK because I trade cards or ATCs with several others.


  1. What a wonderful collection you've put together and so many different techniques involved. did you get any sleep this weekend?

  2. I don't think that is the one that won the contest. You don't have that one. We sure had fun!

  3. You are right, I did not get that one.

  4. So cool!
    Hey, come by this Friday as I am featuring you!
    Have a good week.
    ~Naila Moon