Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

.....a little late here, but it's still Thursday! Things are calming down a little, at least temporarily. It's been a busy week between doctor appointments, visiting my mom, working, etc. Today was pretty nice: my SIL took me out for my birthday breakfast, we did a little thrifting, then I went to Book Munchers with 2 of my grandsons. At book munchers you eat lunch with your child and then they read to you. The weather was perfect so I weeded one of my flower beds, it's quite a Hodge-podge this year....and, boy, are those weeds growing!!!

Hubby is golfing right after work so I don't have to cook dinner :-)  I have line dried sheets to put on my bed. :-) I called my mother tonight and she sounded good and is happy that she will be moving out of the nursing home and into her own place soon.  And that's where it gets nuts again. My sister and I will be cleaning out my mom's tiny, but FULL, apartment and moving her to the new place. I hope her teenage son will be able to help and maybe my hubby too. It's nearly a 2 hour drive to her place so I have to plan it....and there goes my day off....... But, our moms do so much (did so much) to help us so now it is our turn to help when they need it. Things are falling into place and seem to be coming together, pray it keeps up.

Guess I am done thinking because I need to clean up my kitchen. Thanks for stopping by............

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  1. Good luck with that move. My mother has begun to speak of moving out of her home and it is so crammed FULL of stuff that I dread the task...when it comes.