Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday/Drama-Schrama

I've been busy: enjoyed a 3 day trip to St Louis (more on that coming up) and helping to move my mom into a new apartment. The only reason I am able to write this post is because I woke up too early this morning (way too much drama in my life again & always from the same person).
My thoughts on this beautiful, sunny, workday morning concern personal relationships....... I have some advise: 1) don't accuse a person of something w/o asking them about it,  2) and don't do it via texting, and lastly:  3) desperately seek the TRUTH of the matter.

Don't jump to conclusions w/o first attempting to get to the bottom of the matter. I can't jump-it hurts my knee :-)

ta ta...............I owe, I owe, so it's off to work I go.


  1. Ah--I want to hear about your trip, but forgive yourself for the "drama". We've all jumped to conclusions at times.

  2. Teri, it wasn't Linda, but another person who did the jumping!

  3. I am speaking from experience, but I was the 'jumpee' not the jumper. I was ambushed by the same person who has done it before. I have been known to loose my temper but I do calm down and am reasonable and don't make up things; the only drama I cause is when playing with my grandkids.