Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I was just thinking that I like it when hubby gets home from work at 5:30PM, it makes my afternoon much longer and I get more done at home. We eat dinner later and the evening is shorter but we don't do much in the evenings anyway (now).

Saturday I was doing some much needed cleaning for Easter. The windows on the patio doors had a residue left from the snowflake window clings I used this winter. They weren't the thin ones you see all over, but some thicker ones. It was taking a lot of elbow grease to remove pulled out my 'magic eraser' (I use the cheap ones from Walgreen 'NICE' brand) and it did the trick. Easy, peasy! No streaks, no lint.....and I dried with a cloth. They also work great on tea stains in coffee mugs (I drink a lot of tea). I hadn't used these for a long time and was reminded of them again when my SIL had some at her house when she moved in (and I was the designated cleaner/putter awayer). Be careful where you use them, just in case they affect the finish.

This is going to be a colorful spring and summer. I ran into Younkers's to get some Estee Lauder make up after work on Tuesday and wow! all I saw were signs "A POP OF COLOR" all over. Bright blues and greens, red jeans, and cute, colorful shoes. I think I'm gonna love it, although I won't be buying any red jeans ....but I can dream, can't I?

Yesterday I attended a 'brown bag seminar' at the library over the noon hour. You bring your lunch and listen to the speaker. They provided complimentary coffee and cookies. YUM! The topic, container gardening, was discussed by a local greenhouse owner. I missed the last couple of minutes because I had to get back to work. One the way out I was given a packet of seeds. when I got home I checked to see what the other packet of seeds was (on the back), it was a gift certificate! Woo Hoo, a head start for my garden. The brown bag seminars are held once a month, I think I'll check the schedule and if it is remotely interesting I want to attend again. Check out your local library/city and see what free or inexpensive offerings are available to you!

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  1. Why can't you wear red jeans? It'll make you feel like a spring chicken.

    And what kind of seeds did you get?