Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Wonder of Christmas

Can you say awesome??? I said it a lot yesterday afternoon. A friend and I went to a huge display of nativity scenes hosted by a local church and it was AWESOME! I am going to make it a yearly event, it certainly puts a person in the true Christmas spirit.

Abstract scene made by a local artist from scraps of clay.

The log building in the background scene was hand crafted by the owners grandfather.

Glass piece hand made. I spotted baby Jesus and my friend pointed out Mary and Joseph. Can you see them?

Many sets were from foreign countries. This one is a cloth display and some of the characters are 3 dimensional, baby Jesus for one.



Love the whimsical deer


I had never seen a nativity wreath before this.


Large Holy Family

Hand made with peach pits and acorns

Popsicle sticks and clothes pins.
I have MANY more photos I hope to share with you. Hope you enjoyed this short visit.

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