Monday, December 5, 2011

Where'd My Mojo Go?

Saw Santa with the grands.

Made a beanie baby tree.

Decorated cookies and the boxes used to transport them to the nursing homes .

"I can't believe you said that!"

You'd think with all the smiles and love from my grand kids over the weekend that I'd be in a great mood. Sorry to disappoint..... I was so excited about Christmas and now that "lovin' feeling" is over. I feel so alone.......hubby holes up in 'his' room working on sports cards all day and doesn't interact at all..... there's so much to do and I don't feel like doing it....I'm working more days this month than normal and the days that I'm off I'll be 'on the road'. I have to be ready for Christmas in less than 2 weeks, that is when I am hosting our family get together. G

My daughter and her family will be here, my sister and her son, and so will SS and his family. Unfortunately my mom doesn't feel up to attending (for the first time). I will really miss her, but will visit over the holiday. SD and her family will not be able to attend. It will be fun to have most of my grand kids here!!! And I will get to see all of my grand kids Christmas concerts :-) My paycheck will be bigger so that will help to pay off Christmas bills.

Guess I better get off here and get busy! I'm off today and need to mail out St Nick's packages (I know they'll be late-the grands should be use to that by now).

Have a great week!

Made a belated birthday cake for dad....they couldn't decide if they wanted vanilla or chocolate frosting. It's a good thing the cake is not here or I'd have a big piece (on the chocolate side).

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