Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Before Christmas Thrifty Finds

Groceries for the week needed to be bought and a small bag of unwanted items needed to be dropped off at the local thrift store.........so........of course I had to go in and look around. This is what came home with me:
2 extension cords (one with a button on the cord that turns the lights off) 2 stretchy bracelets
one necklace with a (fake) suede cord that will be refashioned
one coin charm that will go on my Duchess of Dollars (red hat) bracelet
one magazine,
large birthday gift bag,
1 sympathy card
bag of 4 yards of 1" ruffled lace (for craft projects)
2 packages of clips for Christmas lights
2 Christmas beanie babies
new Dora baseball cap
book of knock knock jokes
glow stick
Easter deviled egg dish
new Green Bay Packer ornament
2 large patriotic buttons
twin size vellux blanket
men's white t-shirt
and a red/white long sleeve t-shirt for me
.....drum roll.....all for $8.19.......and it came in a large orange Fleet Farm bag....the best for putting the trashed wrapping paper in after all the gifts are opened. Many of the items are not for me. Our local thrift store has the best bargains.