Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day at Our House

Now that hubby's children are grown and have children of their own it is harder to spend Christmas Day together, but we had a very successful and fun day this year.

Christmas Eve I attended church with SD Jessica and 2 of my grandsons. After church we came home to collect SS, the 'baby', hubby, some gifts, and my deviled eggs and headed 6 blocks to my BFF's (and hubby's former SIL) for the extended family gathering.

Gifts were exchanged

The 2nd and youngest granddaughter in the family visits with her great grandma (whom the family thought they were loosing just 2 months ago).

SD and her daughter spent the night on the 24th, Chuck drove over Christmas Day. SS and his family (they have 3 boys) came over just in time from Grandpa to cook breakfast for us all.
He didn't make anything fancy, but it is a family tradition and we look forward to it. It's the one day of the year he cooks and cleans it all up.

Checking out our youngest grandchild's gift.

Our son in law played the guitar while his daughter sang and danced. Granddaughter M is quite the entertainer! One of the boys joined in the dancing. Thanks Chuck! It was unexpected and so much fun, a great family time.

Notice the boy in the background with the tool belt, he LOVED it.

The kids got out a couple of games, including Twister.

It was a great holiday: we hosted my family on the 18th, hubby's kids on the 25th, and had some of our friends over on the 26th. I only wish the WHOLE family (his & my children) would be here all at the same time.......

I am going to see my remaining 2 grandchildren on Thursday, but not under the happy circumstances I had hoped for. Their other grandma passed away Monday morning. Granddaughter T (11) was close to her, Grandma Pat took care of her a lot. I got to know Pat when I'd visit my granddaughter during the day while her mom and dad were at work.
Friday I am picking my my 8 year old granddaughter so she can spend a long weekend with us. We will probably have our 6 year old grandson here on New Year's Eve too....what can a grandma do with a boy who LOVES Pokemon and a girly girl on New Year's Eve????

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  1. Linda--Judging by the photos you had a joyous Christmas and I may have to mention the tradition of cooking and cleaning up to my DH. Our own Christmas was exceedingly quiet...we traveled. As for New Years ideas, you could make pizzas from scratch and let the kids help. Will they stay up until midnight?