Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Lovin' It!

What is it that I'm lovin? to see most of my grand kids for Christmas (so far) and will see the remaining 3 soon.....watched 2 of 3 Christmas concerts.......and the weather has been unseasonable nice!!! NO SNOW to dig out from under (yet). I don't mind one bit not having snow for Christmas, in fact I like the greenish grass bare. Yesterday I drove to my daughter's to watch my granddaughters concert. It was a long day, I left at 9AM and arrived home at 6:45PM. It was in the mid 30's with sunshine part of the day, my coat stayed in the car, a sweater was fine. I had to do a little shopping on the way there and again on the way home....because I didn't leave as early as I wanted to.

I didn't stay at Amy's after the program because the kids wanted to go to their tae kwon do party and Amy wasn't feeling too good either.

I stopped at these shops (first time ever in 15 years that I have been driving past) to see if I could get a good Christmas decoration photo...but as I was turning around I spotted the last shop-a St Vincent de Paul I had to stop in. It was really nice....and....I found some red flats that I had been looking for and some shoes for one of my grandsons. Both pairs of shoes were like new. I also picked up 3 other little things.....for a grand total of under $5. I think God likes me to be a thrifty shopper because so many times he puts those things I am looking for right in front of me.

Sky blue pink sky on my ride home. I got home after dark and only saw 1 dead deer on the way. This is a bad time of year for night driving..........too many deer just run out in front of cars.

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  1. Pretty pictures and glad you had safe driving.