Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Past

For the boomers: Do you remember waiting for Santa's phone number to be given out so you could call him and listen to a recording? I do, sometimes you'd have to try for hours because the phone line would be busy. I remember that one year I was so excited to be an angel is the Sunday school Christmas program (an honor bestowed upon the 'older' girls). I don't even know if my mom came to watch, she never did like crowds. We'd always go to grandma & grandpas as soon as it was dark on Christmas eve. Grandma would serve snacks and we'd get to open our presents. The tree was always pristine and sometimes done with only blue lights. After we piled into the car to leave one of my parents would 'remember' that something was forgotten and have to go back inside or else mom would get a phone call just as she was about the leave...so we'd wait in the car. I was so naive and trusting that it took me until I was an adult to realize that it was a device they used so they could put our gifts under the tree. What a surprise it was to find out that Santa had stopped at our house while we were at grandma & grandpa's! During the week between Christmas and New Years Day we'd go to our cousin's homes to see their gifts and they'd come to our home one evening also. One year I got brand new days of the week undies....so, as a dutiful daughter, I held up all my gifts and showed them to everyone (my uncle included). Oh, did he tease me.......(told you I was naive)....after that I was very selective as to what gifts I showed to guests.

Yes, the above little girl is me. I remember that dress, loved it! Green velvet top, white tulle skirt. Notice the stylish pearl necklace???

Oh, the 'good ol' days'! What are some of your favorite memories?

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  1. I was totally an angel in a church play too. I remember watching my mom for hours putting together my costume.