Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Wonder of Christmas (2)

I love these nativity scenes so much I had to share more.The lid was closed and I opened it.

I like how the angel is sheltering them (on the left).

I've never seen a pregnant Mary before.

Hand made from rocks found at the beach, built by the owners grandfather. Her grandma use to take the kids to the beach during the day so their father could sleep (he worked the night shift) and they brought back buckets of stones and they were put to good use. My friend read about the scenes while I snapped photos....what a team!

ROWS of these wonderful nativity scenes.

This set is hand made from very thin clay that rolled out and then folded to look like origami.

The woman who owned this set loved it and proudly displayed it every year. After she passed away the family could not bear to get it out. After 3 years they decided to set it up and when they opened the box they found a note explaining how to set it up. The family cried and then laughed at how this was just like mom explain, in detail, how to put up the scene. Every year they read the note and remember her and then display this nativity.

I adore the cute cows.

Even the chickens watch.

Just love their little faces.

See Mary's face as she looks at her child.

One of the more traditional and beautiful nativities.

Do you have something you collect and display at Christmas? Because I fell in love with the idea of various nativity scenes I have several that I display and I throw in a few of my Santa's too.

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