Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas? or Crazy?

I am not sure if these cookies say Christmas or just make me dizzy.........I had good intentions of them being red and green....but they are pink and almost lime green and some are HUGE. I think I rolled them up the wrong way. I think I'm anxious to taste 'em...I used peppermint extract instead of vanilla. I also baked a batch of the chocolate and vanilla ones....I kinda over baked the others and we ate em.... YUM! What other cookies should I make? Probably my spritz, my favorite. The boys will help decorate cut outs but I DO NOT bake them.....I buy them from my bff who buys them from the hospital.

This afternoon we got a phone call from the local firefighters (looking for a donation) least that is what he said. He asked for my hubby by name. We have an usual name and live in a small town. Sometimes I can be so nasty....even though I know the callers are trying to earn a living. I decided to play with the caller and said "Oh, you're from the local (our city) firefighters, you must know my BIL." He asked his name and I asked who he was calling (the brothers have the same last name - a good place for him to start) I said he if was really from here he'd know him....they are all like family. I think I said something to the effect that he was not from here and thanked him for calling and hung up. Now I feel bad.....I was crabby cuz hubby was making a big deal out of the fact that the side garage door was not closed. I think he forgets that I do all of the housework and he doesn't help with much of anything. Men?>&%<^#@$&(*^%#$

Do you ever do stuff like that to telemarketers?


  1. The State Police telemarketers are the worst! I'm usually NOT too kind to them. Everyone knows it's not real.

    Ha Ha- Men, I so agree! My hubby nags about the stupidest things sometimes LOL!

  2. I just don't answer the phone. Or, I might tell them that I just got diagnosed with cancer and can't give at this time....usually shuts them up!