Monday, December 12, 2011

The Wonder of Christmas (3)

The children's room, they could dress up like a character, do a craft, and touch any of the nativities in here.

The animals are so whimsical here (below is a close up)

looks like chocolate to me :-)

Life size baby here, sometimes the little ones come to kiss the baby.


window frame

This large, outdoor, set was hand made by a young boy and sold in a garage sale when the family moved. The pattern and patterned paper was purchased from Sears (I think and was about $3). The paper for the figures came on a long roll and was glued onto masonite. The paper had to be pieced together. Many years later the family who purchased it at the garage sale donated it to the church so they displayed it in their annual Nativity Scene Display. One year a man came and looked very closely at it, the next year he was back again....checking it out very carefully. One of the workers at the church asked if she could help him....well, come to find out he was the boy who made it so many years ago. He knew it was his because it had been glued onto Masonite and not wood like the instructions specified and when his family moved out of town they put it in their garage sale. The church offered to return it to him but he said it was where it belonged. Truth is stranger than fiction. Right?

Made from rolled paper, see below.

One necktie that was found in a box with the nativity scene that was donated, when the owner of the display saw it she started to cry, as it had belonged to her husband and she had memories of him wearing it. She did not know it was in the box with the figurines.

I had to take a photo of this gentleman's tie. The nativity can be found almost anywhere, if you look hard enough.

a teeny, tiny one.


Love it!

And this concludes my photo journal of the Nativity Scene Display "the Wonder of Christmas" Thanks for coming along with me, I hope you enjoyed it, I certainly did!


  1. WOW you have a huge and great collection!
    Warmest Christmas wishes,

  2. I finally logged in!!! I have to say thak you for posting all these pics.Wonderful.