Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Snapshots

On Sunday my daughter and her family, my sister and her son, my SS and his family were here to celebrate Christmas, the first of our three Christmas parties. The weather was mild and sunny, the best of both worlds (according to the radio announcer-green grass, no snow- no shoveling and no mowing). I barely had the cleaning, wrapping, decorating, cooking finished in time. We really had a nice afternoon....all the kids got along well...even the children did! OK, that was a not so funny joke. My daughters 2 girls, ages 8 and 3. I think they are growing their hair for Locks of Love, the oldest one has donated once already. The little one is on the quiet side but she sure makes the cutest faces.

My daughters son, my oldest grandchild is 11. He is saving up for a Kindle Fire so I let him test out my Nookcolor to get a feel for it. Before his family left he went downstairs and picked up the toys without being told. Ahhhh, it looks so nice...until this weekend, that is.

I decorate the mantle with vintage albums and tree toppers....a couple of the toppers are new, I needed more so it would not look so empty.

Some vintage figurines. I used to have vignettes all over my house but it got to be too much. I love to decorate but hate to put it all away in January.

My Daughters family LOVES the pumpkin roll, even though they had some the day before they finished up 2 rolls Sunday. My SIL left a message on my answering machine saying I was his favorite MIL (well, maybe his only one) and asking if I had baked 2 pumpkin rolls for Sunday...if not it was OK too, but it sure would be nice if I had. He made me laugh so I kept the message and listened to it a couple of times. He is a wonderful husband and father.

Love the smile.

Our youngest grandson checking out his gift with dad.

"My" 2 boys and their stockings.

I needed a quick centerpiece and wanted to fill this with ornaments but they were buried in a box so I pulled out old aluminum cookies cutters and threw them in this brandy snifter along with some tiny balls and called it a centerpiece. I had several platters of cookies surrounding it so the table wasn't quite this bare. In the background you can see a couple of the nativity scenes I had on display, along with some Santa's (that my grandson added to the mix).

I know there will be more holiday photos to follow!

I have 2 more gifts to purchase, wrapping to do, and school concerts to attend this week.

Merry Christmas to all!

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