Friday, October 30, 2015

Odds 'n Ends

Today my bff and I are leaving for a weekend scrapbook retreat, one of our favorite things to do. It ends Sunday at 3, so we'll be home sunday afternoon. We'll be staying at a really nice, Lutheran retreat center. I've been busy all week getting supplies together and organizing them. Look who I found in my little tote! Robin Jingles, I guess he wants to come along. Sorry Robin, but you have to stay home, I will be so busy that if you get into mischief I might not be able to take care of you.

I am disappointed that the retreat is on Halloween weekend, I look forward to seeing 'the boys' (our 3 grandsons that live nearby) in their costumes. Hopefully someone will get pictures so I can still see them.
I am looking forward to getting some scrapbook pages completed and not having to do any cooking or housework....If I want I can wear my jammies all day.

Last week I started attending the Silver Sneakers exercise program at our senior center. Yes, I am one of the youngest ones there. That makes it relatively easy for me to keep up. First we do chair yoga, we sit or stand, no floor many would not be able to get up??? Next we do range of motion;
sometimes we use weights, a ball, and an exercise band. You can make yourself work harder or take it easy, depending on your ability. I dread getting out of bed and making myself go in the morning, but I love it when I am finished. I don't even have the desire to stop at the thrift store when I'm done exercising. 
I'm still doing the Livestrong program at the Y, but I've missed a couple of sessions. Last tuesday night was the pajama party and next tuesday I won't be there either. I guess I am just busier than I knew. 
Since I'm off the anastrozole I've noticed a significant decrease in my leg and joint/knee pain. My ankles and calfs still bother me a little, but not so much that it wakes me up like before. My ankles bother me b/c I have been exercising...that is a usual occurrence when I walk/exercise a lot. What I'm waiting to see is if it affects my heart at all. Three months to wait though.

Have a great weekend!
Don't eat too much candy!!


  1. Oh what a fun weekend, got room for me? Enjoy your time creating! HUGS!

  2. Linda, That sounds like such fun. To be with a BFF and doing something fun. Glad you are doing better with your feet and legs. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Your weekend plans sound wonderful! Much deserved!
    Good for you for exercising so regularly. You inspire me!

  4. I thought of you yesterday as you were traveling without me. So glad I didn't sign up...but I guess I knew I needed the time here. I sure wouldn't be good company this weekend anyway. Have a great time and get lots of pages finished. Say hi to your bff from me.