Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's A Pajama Party!

Usually one of our local Red Hat groups hosts a Halloween party. I usually attend, I like to dress up and play. This year it was decided to have a pajama party. That was right up my alley, as I was hoping our group would wear pjs one year. I have some really neat (almost new) onesies! and an ugly flannel nightgown....I opted for the one piece pjs. I found a teddy bear, my pillow, put some rollers in my (already curly) hair, donned my robe and pulled on my slippers and was ready to go.

Our chapter had a good turnout! 
It was fun to watch everyone walk around in their jammies. Some gals had really cute pjs, several others also had onesies, and some looked good enough to go to Walmart (joking, ha ha....get it?)
A raffle was held to pay for the entertainment, a magician. He was pretty good, but it was apparent he's not a professional. I think there were 8 raffle baskets and our group won 3 of them. Yay for us!!!
The food was very good and the company was great.
Gwen, one of our members, is assisting the magician.
 Our 3 raffle winners.
 We admired Joyce's slippers. 
 Nighty, night.....I'm ready for bed.

The weekend is almost here!!!!
Get ready to enjoy!
My table mates, including my pink cancer buddy bear. I have made some wonderful friends through Red Hats.


  1. You are so cute in your jammies! I'm so glad you had such fun! Your enthusiasm for life inspires me!

  2. I am glad you gals have so much fun!

  3. It is so nice to see you healthy and having fun. If you have a chance you might want to pop by my blog and sign up for my son's sign giveaway. It is a few days back (post wise). Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  4. Very fun...a pj party!!! Happy that you are enjoying life again!

  5. How fun is that??? Once our ladies group at church had a come as you are party!! Someone called - you didn;t know WHEN the call would come! - and we just got in our cars and went as we were! That was fun,too! Not sure I would want to do that again though!

  6. Fun fun fun and you look so cute!!! How can you not have fun and feel so comfortable while partying!!! At this time I'm looking for a fun Red Hat Group of Ladies in my area...I hope I do soon.
    About 4 years ago, I hosted January's Bunco Night at my house, and I requested that everyone should wear their PJ's! They all were good sports and showed up in their jammies...and thank God they was a really super cold and rainy evening! We had so much fun, and up to this date, they still talk about it!