Saturday, October 17, 2015

Short Post About A Wedding

Friday night Kevin and I attended the wedding reception for his nephew. It was held in Milwaukee at a fabulous venue: Cuvee, a champagne bar. It's a bar I could hang out at. I wish I had photos of the wedding & decorations, but it was too dark for my phone's camera. We weren't able to leave here until after Kevin got home from work and we spent more time on the road than we did at the reception. We picked up Kevin's sister and her husband so we had a nice visit with them. At 8:30 we were on the way home again.

 I loved the tall centerpieces with the jewels (can't think of the correct word) hanging from the branches. 
 We chose the food we wanted: chicken, steak, or vegetarian when we went in our RSVPs. We had the steak, it was very good. The salad was excellent (I ate part of Kev's also). The people who chose chicken loved it also. After dinner we each got a cookie, the ladies were given a dress and the men received a cake. Cute, eh? I didn't eat mine yet. 
This was not a redneck Wi wedding. Naturally, we were in downtown Milwaukee. The bride's dress was different, elegant. More things I liked: They cut the cake and fed each other a piece on a fork, no smashing of it in their faces, no dirty clothing. No clinking of glasses and kissing 50 times.  Everything was very tasteful....nice for a change.

Ok, back to the mundane tasks of everyday life.
Thanks for spending part of your day with me.


  1. Linda, You are beautiful in your pretty dress. I like the center piece and the cookies also... I hate the cake smashing thing...I hope none of my grandkids have weddings like that. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. You look so beautiful!!! I'm so glad you a great time. The wedding sounds so kind of wedding celebration!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You look FABULOUS! The centerpieces could not have taken centerstage from you!

  4. Sorry about the last post!

    Great pine cone ideas to make...I would like to make the pine cone garland! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. You look gorgeous in that dress!