Friday, October 2, 2015

My Visit To Minocqua

Minocqua is a small, touristy, town (pop. 4400) in northern Wi. The lodging & restaurant prices reflect that status. It's about 3 hours from here. 
We left at 6AM so we'd have time to stop for breakfast. It was a pretty drive. A portion of it was rural, we did see some color in the trees, but everyone seemed to agree that the color change is behind schedule this year.
This is the sunset we saw the first night. We stopped for dinner but the place only offered sandwiches and we were in the mood for a dinner. We found another dinner club, walked in, checked the was too expensive for both of us....and didn't offer anything we were really craving, so we headed off to find another place to eat.

 I don't remember how we ended up at the Stingray bar.....I think we just happened upon it and stopped in. Several places were closed on Tuesday night. The owner of the motel was eating there with family....small town, huh?
I had delicious liver and onions. I don't make it at home unless Kev is out of town. It was good, even though I was not able to eat all of the bacon.
We breakfasted at Perkins, can't go wrong with their breakfasts. Wednesday night someone recommended another bar, so we tried that place. The food was good there too, but something I ate didn't agree with me that night. In the morning I was fine.
On the way to and from the stamping store we noticed these colorful cows................what???
 Of course I had to snap a photo...good thing I did, the next day they were gone. They are all fancied up for BEEF-A-RAMA weekend. It's a big weekend celebration with many activities, including beef cooking contests.

When I was paying my bill for breakfast thursday morning I noticed a woman with a purse with the same pattern as mine, so I commented. We started talking and the couple told us where to find the thrift store. Of course I took an interest in that! After our class we stopped to look around. The place was small and pretty crowded because they had just reopened after a closure allowing them to clean and set up for the new season. I bought a cancer awareness bracelet...we mostly just looked around.
 We stayed at a cute little motel, hotel prices in the area are expensive and a friend recommended this place. It's a typical motel. It was decorated nicely, clean, and the woman who ran it is so nice!

On the way home we took a detour...that will be my next post.
Do I ever stay home??? Nope, it sure doesn't seem like it. This morning I am heading to a church retreat up north (again) and will be home late sunday afternoon, gone again on Monday, gone all day on Tuesday....Wednesday I hope to catch up on my sleep. Wish me well! 


  1. I need a retreat with ladies. Yes, I do. Can I go?

  2. I am loving your life!!!! I do love to travel but we have not done very much of it this year! No big vacations and few excursions. Next year I am planning a fall trip to New England - by train!!
    In the mean time - I will just enjoy YOUR trips!! I have dined at Perkins before - I believe in Colorado! Delicious! Carry on! I will follow......

  3. What a fun retreat and charming little town!!! Thank you for the virtual trip! Love the cows!!!

  4. I love the cows! I think it is actually about 3 and 1/2 hours to Minoqua.

  5. Sounds like a fun trip! Thank you for visiting my blog.