Friday, October 23, 2015

Wow! Is it Friday Already?

It must be, my calendar says so. Where did the week go? Where did the month go? Only one more week and it's November. I hope winter goes as fast as summer and fall have gone. I am wanting to stay get some work done around the house and work on my crafts. Seems like I've been making up for all the times I stayed home last year. 
Yesterday morning I went grocery shopping and stopped at the thrift store. After lunch I cleaned up all my dead's sad for me to have to throw them out. I did bring a few indoors and have a couple of plants that are still looking good, by the front door. It was a nice day to work outside, the sun was shining and all I needed to wear was a light sweatshirt (and pants LOL).
I actually made a decent dinner that hubby would eat. It's hard to cook low sodium for a man who doesn't like spices.
I was supposed to go to my Y Class but I begged off saying that I was beat after working outside all afternoon. I was tired but was on a roll. After supper I cleaned both of our bathrooms. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after that so I just went upstairs and turned on the TV, read for a while, and played a game on my Kindle. I love Words with Friends. 
spied this guy as I was browsing the thrift store
At night, when I lay down my legs just ache. My calves feel like they are ready to cramp up. My knees ache and it moves up to my thighs. My elbows ache. When I am doing some of the workouts at the Y I have to stop because my calves hurt.
When I talked to my cardiologist and he looked at my ECHO he asked me how long I was supposed to be on the anastrozole. hmmm....I knew the oncologist put me on it as a precautionary measure and the standard time frame is 5 years. When I talked to the pharmacist she said the aches could be a side effect. I did some research on my own and read that it can also affect one's heart. I don't need that...... I talked to the triage nurse and she mentioned my concerns to my oncologist. At first she gave me the standard answer "5 years" etc. I told her I wanted the dr to review MY case. I knew he told me that it wasn't absolutely necessary. Yesterday she called to say dr said I do not have to take it. YAY!
Let's hope my aches go away and that my ECHO is improved next time. 
Guess what? I am off again......back to the clinic to have my blood tested for the blood thinner and check out the book sale at the library. Will I drop off more clothing at the consignment shop? The real question is will I have any money to pick up?
Happy Friday!!!


  1. You are in my prayers girl. Linda, I hope this works for you honey. Ewwweee, that rat is creepy. I would never want to see a real one. LOL. Hope you have a blessed weekend, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hello,
    I am with you, where did October go?? November can be so dark and gloomy. I am hoping for SUNSHINE. :-))
    Sending prayers,

  3. Was wondering if the mouse was one of your little visitors? Ew! Glad you can drop one more med!

  4. I hope being off the med solves the issues you've been having while taking it!
    OMG, that rat looks real!

  5. How happy you must be to get to X a med off your list. Happy! Happy! You've been a worker bee. You'll be in an easy chair sipping cider while the rest of us are working our yards wishing we had done these chores sooner, like you did.

  6. Hope and pray that the ACHES go away! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!