Saturday, October 10, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy October

I know I have a lot to catch up on....I'm going to try to get back at my blog. I'm happy and well, just busy.
Don't you just love this fall bouquet on my table? Actually I love any kind of flowers on my table...or anywhere else for that matter.

This squirrel was pretty hungry earlier this week. I filled up the feeder yesterday. 
 I have been doing A LOT of driving the past 10 days or so. I don't mind driving, but I do get tired of running all over the state. Next week I'll be able to stay pretty close to home, except for friday. Hubby's nephew is getting married in Milwaukee (about 85 miles away). We can't leave until he gets home from work, so we'll make the dinner and part of the reception. We're not staying over night and hubby may have to work the following morning, so we won't stay late.
 I made it to my 12 year old grandson's soccer game this morning. It was a nice day, low 50's and sunny. One of my old neighbors came over to talk to me. We are facebook friends and play Words with Friends, but it's still nice to talk in person. I also had a nice visit with my oldest granddaughter while we watched the game. She was babysitting a 3 year old boy and I was happy to see what a good sitter she is. They are a nice young family. The children participate in sports and mom and dad are there to son doesn't make the cross country meets if they are in the afternoon when he's working.
 What can I say about this tree? Isn't it perfect?
Photos just cannot do the fall colors justice...but we try to capture the beauty.
Monday afternoon I watched my oldest granddaughter run in a cross country meet.  

Her meet and her brother's soccer game are about 70 miles from here. After the game my daughter in law, grandkids, and I had lunch at A&W. I didn't get a root beer float, but maybe I should have. Before I left for home I stopped in to see my sister, it was nice outside so we enjoyed the sunshine and some chit chat.

At least I had some beautiful scenery to look at as I drove. 
As I am driving I'm looking at the trees and thinking 'Oh, that would be a great photo.' But I can't just slam on the brakes and pull over for a photo shoot. I'm thinking I need a (built in or attached to me) camera that gives me the ability to snap a photo with the blink of the eye.
Since life will be a little quieter now I am going to try to read some of your blogs. I've lost track of what my blogger friends have been up to. Fall offers such pretty scenes and crafting activities. 


  1. hi Linda, My gosh you have been busy and a good try to see the kids in their sports. I want a camera like that too.LOL. I just kind of stopped down the road from here to sneak a shot of an old house falling down...and got part of the car door frame in it. :( I was driving around today to looking for pretty things to photograph...always aware of anyone coming behind me though . Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I am glad you visited with your sister.

  2. Linda, you are looking great and I am rejoicing with you as you enjoy every single blessing of this fall!!! This year looks a lot different than this same time last year for you! You have every right to enjoy life to the fullest!!! And you ARE!!!

  3. Looks like you have been enjoying Autumn, family and grand-kids. That is the best time. :-)

  4. Yes you have been busy, but busy fun with your grandkids and family!!! The picture of the tree is absolutely stunning! Have fun at the wedding and a safe trip back home!

  5. You sure have been a busy bee, but I know you are enjoying life! Hugs, Vicky

  6. This fall has been wonderful! So glad that we are taking advantage of the fun things. It sure has been different from last year! We are so blessed! That camera that snaps what you see would be a great camera to have but I doubt that it would get a better picture than that one you have of the golden tree!

  7. Your centerpiece is beautiful, and so is the photo of that tree, but none of your photos is more beautiful than the one of you with your oldest granddaughter.

  8. I would like one of those cameras too! This is a beautiful time of the year for a drive. Too bad those grands are so far away...well, at least they are still in the state!