Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fruit Loops and More Nonsense

Nope, no one ever accuses me of being a Cheerio, I am definitely a Fruit Loop. My grandson and I joke about that often...only we don't say fruit loops. Our descriptive words are crazy or silly and, of course, awesome! I think it runs in the family...he is too. The other night I was talking to one of my granddaughters and asked her how her younger sister was and she replied "just as crazy as ever, but in a good way". There is nothing wrong with being a little outside of the box.
For instance, my grandson was over on saturday, and I gave him 2 paper crimpers and showed him how each one impresses a different design into the paper. I would have never thought of it but he put the paper through one crimper first and then the other one. 

I like to do things a little different sometimes too and hubby HATES it...he doesn't like to make waves, at all!

I think Robin Jingles is thinking about making some waves and is getting excited about the upcoming holidays. He jumped down from the shelf and I found him snuggled up next to Crash and my pink cancer cure buddy. He was probably lonely, so I'll let him relax with his buddies until Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, my granddaughter and I Have a secret....we're involved in a conspiracy involving her mother. I can't go into details on here just incase mom reads my blog. One can never be too careful, you know? It's a good conspiracy though, one that will produces smiles............I hope!

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Thanks for stopping by..............have a great day!!!


  1. Hi Linda, Different is okay...we don't want to be all the same. Hope your Sunday is a fun day. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. I happen to like loopy people who think outside of the box. Glad days are happy for you now. Your grandchildren always sound so wonderful.

  3. I love Fruit Loops!!! We're just that kind of people, aren't we???

  4. We have a lot of fruit loops in my family too so this is completely normal to me...:) Have a wonderful week!

  5. I am a fruit loop,LOL. And I love it,makes life more fun! I get your blogs in my e-mail all the time.

  6. :-)) Fun, Fruit Loop! Me too.
    You look great in your photo off to the wedding. :-))