Monday, November 2, 2015

The Red MIll

Deb and I had a great time at the scrapbook retreat.....I could've used another day...but I always say that. Saturday it rained all day, so it was a perfect day to stay inside and scrapbook. Sunday the sun came out and it was pretty darn nice. 
I had heard of the Red Mill, near Waupaca, but Deb had not. We drive past it on our way to and from the retreat center. I know several people who love the old mill but I let the rest of my knowledge about it seep out of my head, so I finally asked someone who was sitting at our table at lunch time about it. We decided to stop there on the way home. 

It is an old grist mill built in 1885, the wheel has fell into disrepair is and is now missing. The building houses several gift shops, including an ice cream shop, candy store, and a relaxing area for coffee or to read/meditate/wrie. It smelled soooooo good inside.....with the fall scents (candles?) in the air. The mill has a new owner and they plan to rebuild the wheel and restore it to it's glory. 

 Here's a quick look inside.
 This is one of the old, larger booths I saw.
 Beautiful wood cabinets. 
  This piece of wood reassembles  the shape WI.
  Outside, In back of the mill you'll find some lovely trails to walk on, an old covered bridge, peaceful river, and a small chapel. 
  We're almost to the covered bridge.
 About to cross the river to see the chapel.
 The little chapel in the woods. Many, many weddings take place on these grounds. On the rainy saturday (Halloween) preceding our visit the hosted a wedding. The girls wore orange dresses and I was told it was beautiful. 

As you exit the covered bridge you get a peek at the chapel.

 Window in the back of the chapel.
 Isn't this a beautiful setting for a wedding? 

The river was so calm and peaceful.
 Looking back at the mill.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of a beautiful area in central WI.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! It's too bad I live in Georgia!!! I'd love to come take photos up that way. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  2. Your photos turned out so good! I didn't blog today.

  3. Linda, I loved all your photos. That last one would make a great picture to hang in one's home. Glad you had such a fun time with friends. Blessing to you, xoxo,Susie

  4. What a wonderful side trip! Thanks for the tour!

  5. Lovely...I have heard about this place. Just lovely. Wisconsin is so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing,

  6. I am so glad that someone else is running it now! Last time i was there I was wondering how much longer it would be open. Looks really nice now from the pictures you showed up. It is a beautiful place. Peaceful!