Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Is Coming

Oh, I know you're thinking "Stop it with the Christmas talk already, let's do Thanksgiving first."
We are not having anyone over for Thanksgiving, it's our turn to host Christmas this year, last year my decorating was at a bare minimum, and I have way too much stuff. Thus I gave myself permission to dig through my Christmas decorations and put out what I see fit and donate some other things. I am pleased with the progress I've made so far. I've purged several boxes of Christmas items, but it's hard to see because I have boxes on the floor that I am going through. I'm sure I'll see a difference after the holidays are over and when I put things away. I will always have one big bin of Santa ornaments, one of angel ornaments, and one of balls and misc. I alternate between those 3 categories.This year it's angels for us! (in case you're wondering...which you're probably not).
Yesterday, after exercise class my bff wanted to stop at the thrift store for something she needed, so we did. I had 2 bags for donation that I didn't have with me...now I have 3 times that  many...guess I'll get there later this week. Anyway, while we were there, I saw this cute little, ceramic truck, and purchased it for .50. I have a plan and hopefully I'll remember to post that vignette later. 
 It's a Department 56 item and I found it on ebay for over $20. I didn't realized what it was until I looked at it more closely and had already decided that I needed it. 
And that leads me to wonder 'How can I pare down if I keep adding different collections?'

A while back I found this 18" silver foil tree, for $4. It's perfect for the mantle with my Santa's next to it. YES, I did get rid of some of my Santa's.

I do want to wish everyone a Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving!!!


  1. I try not to look at the Christmas stuff as I am sure I would grab something! Angels?

  2. Seriously? That little truck is the cutest find EVER! I love it:) Have a blessed Thanksgiving dear friend! HUGS!

  3. Linda, I love your little red truck. I just bought a garden flag with a red truck on it and golden retriever hanging out the window. Blessings to you and yours for great Thanksgiving day. xoxo,Susie