Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Week

I know I should do the really, nice post that I had planned. I guess I'll do that one later. I'm just going to write a brief post about my week, a hectic week. I was gone every day this past week, all day usually, sometimes in the evening also. I've said it before ~ I'm a homebody, I like to stay home with my own company. I need a day or 2 of quiet time to regenerate. 
Last week I had my exercise class, stamp-a-long, everyday errands, all day shopping trip, making a folder book with friends, lunch at school with my grandsons, presentation at the library, Y class and I think that's it. They were all fun things that I enjoyed doing.
Today I slept in and put on comfy clothes and puttered around here. 
My craft area was cleaned up enough that I could get at it so I pulled out my Christmas cards and was pleasantly surprised to see that I have enough cards made for the holiday. *smile* About half of them need to have sayings stamped inside, but that's pretty easy. I can still make more if I want, I have the ideas. That makes today a good and peaceful day. 
It was kinda nice outside, I think.....I was only out long enough to fill the bird-feeder. Kev went golfing...those days will soon come to an end.
I was hoping grandson J could come and spend the night....but mom is pretty angry at me and seldom lets him come over. I left a message stating that'd I pick him up for Sunday school in the morning. He did call me back and said he can't stay here but I can drive to the neighboring town, where he usually spends Saturday nights now, and pick him up and take him back after Sunday school. OK, it's only 8 miles away, but it's still a pain for me...when he could easily stay here...but I guess mom likes making my life miserable. 
My long, lost cousin (whom I have not met) is looking for her (at least) 2 half brothers and I am trying to help her. It is NOT easy when one person has been estranged from their family and others have been put up for adoption. Most of the people who would have the information have passed on. Wish us luck!!! There are a lot of places to search, but many cost money. 
Friday I went to the Fox River Mall in Appleton to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. It was a bus trip with the Silver Sneakers exercise class. I texted my daughter and daughter in law for gift ideas. Got great ones from DIL but it was hard to text my daughter b/c she shares info (or something) from her iphone with her children's both kids were also getting her texts. She called me instead. She's trying to get that problem solved. I texted her last night to let her know that I did find a few things she suggested but I wouldn't say what items....''because you never know who might be reading your texts". Sure enough, later that evening, her daughter, Ava (the 12 year old who was here this past summer) replied back to me. We had a nice chat. She has a 4.0 GPA so I am very proud of her. Way To Go Ava!!! Plus she is taking 5 dance classes. Can you say 'ambition'?

How was your week?
It looks like next week will be almost as busy for me. I'm glad I am able to be so busy.


  1. Research is hard! It usually winds up giving me a headache! Our family is a complicated one with our youngest two siblings being 'given away!' when they were quite young. It doesn't help that our mother has had a stroke and can't speak clearly. But even if she could - would she tell us the truth? I doubt it. She didn't when she COULD talk!
    I have two little grands in my bed! They are spending the night so I guess I better call it a day and go to bed before it's time for them to wake up!

  2. Hi,
    Good for you on getting your cards done. :-)
    I am sending prayers for your family.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. I'm a Homebody too, so I understand your need for some down time at home.
    I'm happy all over reading about all your activities tho and so glad you are doing well.

  4. WOW, you sound like you are busy like me! Sometimes I can't keep up with where I need to be next! This is a very busy time of the year for us! Enjoy today, hope you get to stay warm and cozy at home:) HUGS!

  5. Years ago I helped my former mother-in-law (Shirley) find her birth family. It took me several years, as this was before Al Gore invented the internet (lol) but I accomplished finding her family.
    I learned that Shirley's birth mother had died but that she had had another daughter, Pat. Pat never married so it didn't take me that long to find her because her last name was the name she was given at birth. I found Shirley's maternal aunt and uncle. Shirley was too reluctant to contact her aunt and uncle directly so I made the initial contact with them, by phone. They were less than receptive to me and got off the phone quickly. I let a week go by and then I wrote them a letter. In that letter I told them that if they were concerned that Shirley was looking for money that wasn't the case. I went on to tell them that Shirley, like many others who were put up for adoption, wanted to know where she came from and to try to get some answers to all the Why questions she had surrounding her birth and subsequent adoption. I also told them that it would be their loss if they passed up the opportunity to meet her. I'd said I can only imagine that they were as curious about her as she was about them. I'd supplied them with my address and phone number. Her uncle (maternal uncle) called me as soon as he received my letter to say how happy he was that I didn't give up on them, that he was hoping and praying that I'd contact them again. They were stunned that I'd found them and as such didn't quite know what to do. I understood that. It was through this uncle that I found Shirley's birth father. Uncle told me his name and his last known address. Long story short, Shirley got to meet her uncle and aunt, which was a blessing as her uncle had died the following year. Shirley got to meet her birth father as well, also a blessing as he died two years later. Shirley then got to meet her half sister and they are close to this day. Shirley remained in close contact with her aunt, until this aunt died. Shirley's father's family wanted nothing to do with Shirley. But they did send her photos of her father, photos that have allowed Shirley to see what her father looked like throughout his years on earth, and some photos that included his wife (widow) and his other children. Now Shirley will turn 81 in December and is in poor health and her mind is slipping...but she remembers that she got to meet her birth family.
    Don't give up trying to find those that you wish to find. We have the internet available now and it makes the searching so much easier. That you are looking for 2 male family members is a help, too.
    Wishing you luck with your hunt. It's a fun thing to do, I think. I enjoyed every minute of searching for Shirley's family. I love a good hunt!