Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Few Of My Christmas Cards

I'm soooo excited to report that I have all of my Christmas cards made for this year!
I had some leftover from last year, I made up some from card parts I had laying around here, I made several at the Stamp a longs (thanks Carolee), and I made some this past weekend with Penny. She's a Close to my Heart rep and so very patient with us. Most of my cards are different, I have a few that I have more than one of...but....maybe next year I won't have so many different ones. I have the ideas, just want to use up what I have.

I haven't mailed any out yet.....I'll get to it when I feel like it. Saturday I baked some cookies, just plain ones, no holiday cookies yet and spent the whole afternoon home alone and putzed around. I felt OK until about supper time...then I got all sad and was really missing our grandson, the one who used to come on Saturday nights...but now mom won't let him come over. I really miss our conversations, his smile, and company. One of my Facebook friends messaged me and we 'talked'. I know I am not the only one whose grandkids are kept from them. It does help to know others are in the same situation, many are worse. (sad face) I do get to see him on occasion, just not on a regular basis. 
Monday is his DARE graduation and he invited me so I'll attend that. It's so important to them to have your support. I don't know if anyone else from his family will be there. I'll tell him I love him even if we don't get to talk. 

Happy Almost December to you!


  1. Linda, Truly you and I should have been together yesterday. We both had some of the blues. Some times, I just look into the sky and say"Emma , I love you and miss you." In hopes that some how she will know. My situation isn't like yours...but can we ever see our grands enough?? life is flying by and we are aging ...the children grow up too yes, my friend , we need to always tell them we love them...even if it's just to ourselves. I am sending hugs to you and your grandson. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Great cards. I need to make a few more cards.

  3. Linda-- Your cards are beautiful. I do have grands that I see often but I also have four that I never see...never. We see them in passing. My hope is that they know we love them and that our door will be open to them someday when they are old enough to be away from our ex-dil's influence. Sad...just sad...I know how you feel. xo Diana

  4. Your cards are amazing!!! How precious to receive one that so much creative work went into crafting it!
    I cannot even IMAGINE a grandchild being kept from me. I am so sorry. It must be very hard for you. Glad you had a friend to talk to on Facebook! ARe WE friends on there??? I will have to look!

  5. YAY for you getting your beautiful cards done already! You've been very busy with these and with getting your house decorated also so beautifully.