Monday, September 22, 2014

My Weekend

One day it was summerish and then all of a sudden it was FALL and our furnaces were running!
Saturday was the annual Ethnic Fest in Two Rivers, people come from all over to attend. The main street is closed off for several blocks for vendors and food.
After some 'iffy' weather and lack of ambition on my part I decided to attend. I usually go every year with my BFF, I love it. So we went. Our 9 year old grandson came over shortly before we left so he joined us. 
I glanced at the booths but didn't really want to buy anything. I saw so many beautiful fall arrangements.

This cheese carver was the first thing we saw, of course he had samples to share.

I loved this booth.

Deb decided grandson J (her godson) should try this.....he loved it!

We watched some dancers for a bit, very interesting. 
I may have watched longer but 1) grandson was ready to go and 2) sitting on the curb is not the most comfortable seat. 

The Hmong always have a booth with wall hangings that portray their story.

The main reason we go to Ethnic Fest is for the food......but I just couldn't eat. I did have 1 egg roll and some french fries .... and I could have easily skipped that. Maybe it was the fried food, but I felt more nauseous later in the day.
After we had been home for a while another friend calls me and asks if she and her 10 year old could come over for a while. It's a long story but she is having a very difficult time with her son. He apologized for something he said to her earlier and wanted to play with J. I said for a little while. Finally her son came inside to play and Michele and I were able to talk without interruptions. The boys used to fight something terrible when they were younger, it is slowly getting better. I was so happy when Michele told me that the rest of saturday night and Sunday morning were much better with her son. He has many issues and most stem from the fact that his dad IGNORES him.
I think I slept all night on saturday because I was exhausted. 
Sunday Kev went golfing and J and I had a relaxing day at home. We got most of his homework done.
Today I have my Monday errands to run. Usually the week before chemo I am feeling pretty darn good, but I think it's catching up with me. I am so tired all the time. I have to force myself to get dressed and get out, usually I feel better after I've gotten out though. Food doesn't appeal to me.....I don't know what to eat, but do force myself to eat protein and veggies. This morning I am going to call and see what I can do for my mouth sores......oh the joys of chemo!
I really shouldn't many people have it much worse than me, even can they understand????
Looks like we are going to have a BEAUTIFUL week! I better get outside and enjoy it. 
You have a good week too!!!


  1. I admire you for the way you keep on 'keeping on!' It would be easy to just step back and let life happen until you are past this whole ordeal - but NO! You manage to keep up as many activities as possible - which is probably so much better for you! I enjoyed the festival pics.....that cheese carver is amazing! Prayers for a good week and strength for each day.....

  2. Looks like a great time for sure. I think you are doing great at keeping up. I am ashamed of myself for even complaining about low energy You are an inspiration to us all. Sometimes when you come to mind and I can't remember your name, I say, "Lord, touch the chocolate lady." He knows that all of us like chocolate, but he also knows who I'm talking about. Keep hanging in there and looking toward the end. That's what my friends who have been through this say. The count down. Blessings, my friend.

  3. Looks like a fun day! I love your attitude! You're in my prayers-I hope you're feeling your best :)

  4. You ARE an inspiring person,LInda, I know what you are going through, my husband just went through radiation and chemo and is trying to adjust to the after affects of it. Keep praying and having that great attitude!

  5. I an so glad you went, Linda, even though I know it was hard for you to make yourself get out there and do it....and nice of you to sit and listen to another's troubles when you have your own battles to fight.
    Blessings to you and your family- xo Diana

  6. Sounds like a nice weekend! Hope you have a wonderful week and can enjoy the beautiful weather! So ready for some cooler temps here in Florida. Blessings!

  7. Really nice comments from other ladies. I agree with them,you are an inspiration. You could just lay around until this process is all done and over with. I know where you get it from though. I have it too. RIP mom. Anyway, are the mouth sores like canker sores? They do have some stuff for those over the counter. But I just use peroxide and water rinse.(peroxide is in the OTC stuff too, I can taste it.)

  8. Autumn is here...I love the photos in this post, especially the first one. Xxx