Monday, September 8, 2014

Some Thoughtful Cards & Good News

 I have received many wonderful cards these past several months.
This is one that my grandson made last week when Ava was here.
 I am not sure if she collaborated or not....I am sure she most likely helped with survivor and the hyphenating. Yes, I'm working on the misuse of YOUR. How can I not deeply love the young man who made this card?

Pretty cards from more mature friends.

Another beautiful card. 

More cards from grandson J.......when I was putting these back I noticed 2 more cards with Washi tape that I didn't photograph. The big red & green card had the Washi tape wrapped around on the inside also. Told ya the Washi tape was POPULAR. I try to spoil the grands when they come and let them use my supplies....after all it is just stuff and I hope the memories they make will be forever.

Tears of happiness are running down my face this morning.
I am at the clinic having chemo now. Blood work was good, blood pressure was perfect (it never is), and I've lost a total of 12# (even though the dr said I'd probably gain weight), my lump has SHRUNK. The good news is that my dr told me I have ONLY ONE more chemo treatment left!!!!! I thought I had 3 more remaining. I actually gave him a little hug.
I will talk to my surgeon next month and then the time will fly by. 
Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers and love.....I have to stop or I will start crying again.


  1. So sweet! That will be a treasure forever. So thankful that it's almost over for you. Believing that you'll be done and the cancer will be gone forever. Prayers my friend.

  2. I am so glad you only have one more chemo to go! It seems we both got good news today from our docs! I was told that instead of having to have 35 radiation treatments and boosts at the end, I'll only have to have 28. I was so happy! I know you are ecstatic! Remember to make a poster for your last day of chemo and have someone there take photo with you holding it to commemorate that part of your journey! You'll definitely want to scrapbook that photo! Rejoicing with you...

  3. Beautiful cards and amazing good news! So happy to hear it! Have a beautiful week.

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. Oh what good news. So thrilled for you, and your cards are so special. Sending love and hugs.

  5. Sometimes crying is the best release there is. Only one more treatment, Linda! A piece of cake for you!!!!! You are coming down home row.

    The card from your grand is so sweet. He sure loves you! Your other cards are beautiful, too.

    I let the kids use my supplies, too. It is fun to see them crating and happy- xo Diana

  6. I am so thrilled for you!!! Crying is a good thing - tears of JOY! Prasie God and Thank you, Jesus!!

  7. What wonderful news! Someone told me at the Stamp Along but I was afraid to believe it until I read it from you! So happy!
    The cards are beautiful! The ones from your grands are so precious! They have so much love taped in there! Hugs!