Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday Thrifting

Part of my Monday errands is stopping at the thrift store. Why wouldn't I? It's just across the street from the grocery store. 

So how do ya like my 'new' footie pj's? Actually they look like they've only been worn once. I have been looking for some for a while. I don't plan to actually wear them...to bed.....If our local Red Hat groups have a Halloween party I am going to try to convince our group to wear pj's. I'm not sure if they'd go for it though.  For $3 I'm ready!
BTW I am not quite that fat......I didn't wanna take my hoodie off for the photo shoot. My cameraman (hubby) wasn't very enthusiastic about our session. :-(   I don't think he sees the humor in footie pjs.

Here's my new $3 sweatshirt for when I go up north or just have an 'up north' attitude. Now that I am retired sweatshirts will be regular attire.

I paid .75 for this BRAND NEW 6 X 6 scrapbook.
I like to keep things like this handy for the grands. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thrifting to you!


  1. Great finds!! I love finding bargains. The party will be fun. Blessings, Catherine

  2. PJs would be fun to wear for your Halloween!! I think they will go for it.

  3. Gosh girl! You are so lucky in the thrifting world! I hope I didn't get rid of my really warm PJ's as that is what I would wear too.

  4. Those footie pj's are too cute! Sounds like a fun party idea!

  5. Love the pj's!
    You do so well on your missions.

  6. Now you are one good Thrift Shopper!! You are adorable in your PJ''s and I hope your gals will go along with it...how fun that would be.