Friday, September 26, 2014

Road Trip Tp Bookworm Gardens

This past week we've been enjoying GORGEOUS weather and Thursday did not disappoint, temps were in the 70's.
My good friend and I decided to take a drive to Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, near the UW. It is a BEAUTIFUL place to visit with or without children. There is no cost to enjoy it. We picked up subs and ate them in the amphitheater and enjoyed the sunshine, some good company, and the view.

It's a 2 acre garden with vignettes of story books...and there are books all over the gardens to read. 
Here's the Three Little Pigs. 
Everything is designed for children to interact with. 

I don't remember what this story is.....dinosaur reading a book, but in the sandy area in front of him children can locate dinosaur skeletons.

 Carolee and I both want this fence in our backyards......but neither one of us is hopeful. 

Yes, you can go inside and see McGregor's gardening supplies. 
Everything here is designed to be used, played with, enjoyed. You can make a fairy garden, try the various music makers, sit in the chairs, enter the small buildings, smell the flowers, and take advantage of the many photo ops. 

Oh the fish peaceful. Hundreds of fish.....from just a couple of inches to over a foot long. The preschool children got to feed them, but we avoided that scenario. 

Pretty, mosaic table at which to sit and enjoy the pond. Wouldn't that look good in my back yard???

I don't care for gazing balls.....but I love this one. There are 2 other dragonfly's around the perimeter of it. This would look fantastic in my yard too. 

We did, I haven't been able to talk to or spend time with Carolee for quite a while and we really enjoyed the day.

He's still scary, even though he's just a sculpture. 

The Three Bears

They weren't scary at all, I even made a friend out of one of them. 

Told ya I lost weight. 

There's fun for young and older at the gardens.....if you get to this area be sure to stop in. A couple of years ago I took my granddaughter and I still enjoyed it this visit. 

Oh, this is not the end of the day.
We're on the interstate on the way home when Carolee says "Do they have a St Vinnie's store here?" We both thought so, so I pulled over and called Onstar. Next I made an illegal U-turn (do you ever do that? please tell me I am not the only one!) so we'd be headed in the right direction. We found the thrift store on our own, right where we both thought it was. I didn't find anything but Carolee found what she was looking for. After all of our walking at the gardens and thrift store browsing we (I) decided we needed ice cream cones .....lo and behold Culvers was next door, what luck!

Yes, I am finally feeling you know what's coming last treatment. I have errands to run today and things around home to get caught up on. 
Happy weekend to you!!!


  1. I just enjoyed the whole thing again! Even saw some things I missed when we were there! Fun day. Thanks.

  2. I think I will go there sometime. Nice pictures!