Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chapter 1: Bye Bye Chemo and An Apology

Woo Hoo!
Yes, the chemo is over.....at least for now, unless I need a 'booster' in the future.
My blood work has been 'gorgeous' every time (to quote my dr) and the nurse who explains it to me says it is frame-able! Thanks to all of your prayers and the probiotics I take.

Chapter 2: Next I move on to only the Herceptin. It's not a chemo drug but is still given through my port and I have been getting it already so there are no new side effects to look for. That drip will last 30 minutes......so no more lunch at the clinic, I can deal with that. I forgot to ask the dr how long I'll get that but I know it is  longer term. One of the nurses guesstimated for about a year. I gotta do what I gotta do. I am waiting for the surgeon's call this week to schedule a consultation and surgery. Since I am pretty sure I am having a lumpectomy I am not worried......the lymph nodes removal concerns me a bit.

Radiation: Now this chapter scares me, I have heard too many horror stories.  Since I am having a smaller surgery I am hoping it won't be so bad....hoping!!!!   Painful burns :-(   Extreme fatigue.....I am tired of being tired. I don't have any specifics on the radiation yet, but you can bet I'll be updating you.

Looking forward to: *Having hair for the winter (what will it look like? now I'll have to figure out what to do with it again)
*Mascara and eye make up (I am very fair with blond eyelashes and brows, it will be nice to have eyes again)
*No more 'interesting' side effects from chemo
*No more constant watery eyes & runny nose
*Will I be able to wake up, well rested, at 5:30 and keep going all day until I sit down at 8???
*Today is my last day of Dexamethason  :-)

Thankful for: *Your prayers and friendship and comments
*The visits Carla blessed me with during my treatments
*The many calls, cards, and small gifts given to me out of love
*The doctors that I like
*The HER2 + cancer. Otherwise I'd be dealing with triple negative cancer, the most difficult kind, it often kills women. Herceptin is a game changer and targets the cancer cells.
*Great health insurance
*Good books and that I like to read
*Donating my head coverings back to the cancer center
I know the list will get longer....but I have to get dressed and take advantage of the day.....I'll be tired the rest of the week.

I feel I should apologize for my last depressing post. I guess I was having a 'poor me, nobody loves me' day. I woke up about 12:30 at night and was going to delete it but I read such a nice, caring comment that I just couldn't do it. Most of the time I am content and happy with my life and know that the cancer is just a temporary detour. I know I can not undo the mistakes I've made in the past and will have to accept that who I have as friends/family now are my friends/family. 

Thanks for visiting!
It IS fall.......time to put on my long pants now :-(


  1. Honey, do NOT apologize!!! You are a very REAL person and I love that about you! We can't be Susie Sunshine every single day of our life! Plus you are dealing graciously with a HUGE health event. I admire you and consider you a real inspiration!

  2. I have been following you for quite some time and it is so nice to find real life on blogs. I sometimes get the blues because my house is not as clean as the decorating blogs, my food can't compare to the food blogs, etc. I respect you for being real, that is what life is. I have been praying for you and will continue to, blessings to you and your honesty. xxDazee

  3. I have been following you and praying for you for quite some time. I respect you for being real here in blog land. I sometimes get the blues because I don't measure up to all the perfect blogs, my house isn't as perfect, my food isn't as perfect. Thank you for being real, being honest, and sharing your journey. I learn along with you as we share our thoughts and feelings. I will continue to pray for you and hope your journey is blessed with many miracles. xxDazee

  4. Hi Linda,
    Hooray for YOU! It's time to celebrate and treat yourself to something special! I appreciate posts from the heart! God Bless you!

  5. I am so happy to hear you are doing so well and your chemo treatments are over for now! I know you must be so relieved. Will continue praying for you throughout the remainder of your journey. Have a blessed rest of the week....VIcky

  6. Linda, I am so glad you are on to the next step! I start radiation next week. I like your list I need to do that too!