Friday, September 5, 2014

A Week With My Granddaughter

Ava wanted to make cards and scrapbook while she was here. She got her scrapbook all caught up.

We enjoyed root beer floats.

The boys came over one afternoon. Dress up seems to be one of their favorite activities. 

Grandson J made a scrapbook and lots of cards. The Washi tape was the most popular item I had.

These are just some of the 53 cards A made. 

 She glued smooth stones onto a board. Yes, I actually bought the stones (at the thrift store,of course). It could be used inside or outside.

Everyone is making cards.

On Sunday we went to Kites Over Lake Michigan. Kiters from all over the US come here for this event. 

The day was overcast and we had on light sweatshirts, but it was not cold. I was glad it was not sunny, I need to stay out of the sun. I had a chair with a canopy but my feet and legs were in the open.
Ava's kite is flying high so they decided to relax and have something to each and watch the kites. 

A few of the many kites we saw. 

Ava's favorite scrapbook page.

Another one of her favorite pages.

I ordered some photos of the week she spent here and will make up a couple of pages for her. She does a good job and I enjoy working with her. I wish she lived closer, I know we'd get some serious crafting done. 


  1. It's so nice that the grands play so well together. Love Ava's 53 cards! Wonder if I could put in an order for Christmas

  2. What fun!! That is A LOT of cards!
    Yum..root beer floats.

  3. You have a crafter's dream grandchild! What a talented young lady. Looks like you had a wonderful week.

  4. What a wonderful, wonderful time with your darling grandkids. Ours are all adults and I miss those get together times of baking, crafts, slumber parties and beach time. Enjoy every minute, you turn around and you'll be going to their weddings. Sorry...just missing my little ones.