Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

I am so thankful for all my friends (blogging and personal) who have prayed, left comments, and supported me during this journey. It's not over, but it will be.

  • Now that I only have 6 eyelashes (not an exaggeration) I am happy to hide my eyes behind my glasses.
  • What will my hair look like when it grows back in this fall? Right now I have white peach fuzz.
  • My heart is hurting for several family members who are experiencing troubled times right now. If you care to add them to your prayers it would be appreciated: my sister Sandy, my stepson, and my grandson.
  • After my good news on Monday hubby told me some not so good news. He will be out of a job at the end of this year or early next year. The company he works for offered him a job in FL for 6 weeks there and 1 week home, he refused it. I don't understand him and am not sure what he plans to do. So that's another worry for me.
  • Just before I was time to leave the clinic on Monday the nurse noticed I had an irregular pulse...should I be worried? the Dr said he wasn't.......
  • Just call me Lumpy Linda.....I discovered a big lump behind my right knee (supposedly my good knee). It doesn't hurt and I am guessing it is another Bakers Cyst. sheese
That should be enough to keep me up at night....but no, there's 1 more thought. I have always walked alone, felt like I didn't fit it....and I guess that's how it will be.


  1. Linda. first of all I want to say you are a wonderfully strong warrior. You have fought this fight valiantly and have done it with grace. Sure, there've been trying times and often, like me, you've felt alone but ... remember, you are NEVER and HAVE NEVER truly been alone. It's amazing how Cancer plays with our emotions and causes us to have such doubt, fear, and uncertainty isn't it? But in all of those lies, we have to cling to the truth. The truth is that God is holding you right in the center of His mighty hand and He will never let you go. He allowed Cancer to touch your life for some reason, the same way He allowed it to touch mine. When we can come to grips with that fact, we can understand it a little better. He can even use Cancer to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves, about life, about Him. When circumstances around us seem totally out of control, we, as humans are so prone to worry but I have to share with you something I learned recently. (And believe me, I am the queen of worriers!) One day as I was worrying about how we were going to pay all of the medical bills that have come since I was first diagnosed, I was so overcome with emotion and felt so very alone. I wanted to scream and cry at God and ask Him why...why he'd let me go through this...why he'd allowed us to be in such a financial bind...why, why, why! As I sat there praying, I felt him say to my heart, "my sweet daughter, you are carrying burdens that aren't yours to carry." I was dumbstruck! He didn't want me to carry those burdens. He never intended for me to worry! I was sinning by worrying! So as natural as it is for us to worry about things we can't control, it's not our place to shoulder those burdens. Yes, your husband will be out of a job and that's really scary but, if you have faith, God will provide for you. He already knows the future although we don't! He already has a good plan for you and your husband, you just don't know what it is yet! Isaiah 41:10 says 'Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.' Hold on to truth!!! Hang in there. I have faith in you and yes, you are entitled to those moments of fear and frustration but don't linger there too long because you'll give the enemy a foothold! Praying for you...

  2. If you'd like to keep in touch with me via email, my email is and if you want to find me on Facebook, (if you're on there), look for Bonnie Fouts Annis.

  3. Oh, sweet girl. My heart hurts for you and yours and I said a prayer and will when you cross my mind.

  4. Bless your heart! You have more than enough on your plate, sweet lady!
    Prayers for peace in your heart - and a good night's sleep!!

  5. Prayers are going up for you and your family. I pray that your husband has other doors open when this one closes and for healing of body, mind and spirit. Blessings to you and your family!

  6. Linda- You really have a lot on your plate. I know that you are a strong woman and you will do whatever you have to do to move through all this treatment. I am sorry about your hubby. That is NOT good news and I am sure it is a worry to you.

    Can't wait to see your "new hair"..and eyelashes! Bless you, Linda- You fit in just fine here with all of us! xo Diana