Friday, July 4, 2014

Wanna flyover?

Earlier this week my friend and I went to visit my sister who lives 75 miles away. We each live in small towns with a larger city in the middle of the drive. 
Green Bay is the home of the Green Bay Packer's (football team) so it does get some traffic. 
For the past 5 years there's been road construction on the route I take, and there still is. One big thing is complete though. 
Wednesday I got to drive on my first flyover ramp......good thing I am not afraid of heights. The flyover ramp is 75' in the air and slick, it works great! Wonder what  driving on it in winter will be like. 

We had a nice visit with Sandy, stopped at a couple of thrift stores (nothing worth buying), and had  lunch. 

Yesterday and today I got some things done around here that I wanted to do. I am finding it hard to get through the day without a nap in the afternoon. Since I had a productive morning today I decided to take the afternoon off and read. It was a beautiful afternoon, warm, with a clear blue sky. .....a perfect afternoon to sit on the deck and read. I will never understand people that can not enjoy their own company. 
After hubby got home from golfing we went out for a fish fry....not easy to find someplace open on the 4th of July. It was a great night for a drive in the convertible.
No, we are not going to watch the fireworks this year......That's too late for me to stay up.

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend, from out of state, for lunch. It's another road trip for me, only about 45 miles and maybe I'll do some shopping while I'm in Appleton. 

I hope you were able to enjoy some fireworks!


  1. Saw a few fireworks as we sat on our driveway swatting away mosquito"s. Beautiful day here. I must say that I enjoy my own company and understand exactly what you meant by that statement.

  2. I enjoy my own company most of the time. Yesterday I sat out back by myself for 4 hours,listening to music on my tablet.

  3. I too enjoy my own company! I love, love, love spending time alone. I love people time too, but I am not one to be depressed or bothered if noone is around...:) Sounds like you are enjoying life and catching up with old friends. Have a great weekend,,,:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. A traveling woman deserves an afternoon nap and an early bedtime. Sounds like you're doing better. I hope so or either you're faking it really well. Prayers for you a great weekend.