Friday, July 11, 2014

The Bed, The Recliner, And The Long Nap

Monday I had  my last 'heavy duty' chemo and no dexamethasone.
Monday I was ok.
Tuesday I went in for hydration and a Neulasta injection, I was ok.
Wednesday I got up, ate a good breakfast, took a bath, started to get ready for a 'date' with a friend when I decided that I needed a nap................and so............
I napped.............
for 2 days. 
I just couldn't stay awake.
I felt sick to my stomach and couldn't drink anything....just wanted to sleep, so I did. 
I had to cancel my commitment for Thursday also. 
Thursday afternoon I managed to watch some TV in between dozing off on the recliner. 
 I alternated between the bed and recliner. 
Both of those days I slept, all day and all night. I did wake up a few times to go the bathroom and I tried to eat a little.
Wednesday, after golfing, Kev brought me a hamburger.....I think he is trying to kill me. The smell of it nearly made me puke. I MIGHT be able to eat some red meat in 2 weeks, but definitely NOT NOW!!!
Thursday night he took a bath and, once again, I had to cover my nose. Who purchased that 'stinky' soap??? 
Oh, I do all the shopping. 
This morning I woke up and made some toast and tea for breakfast......I need to drink!
.....but nothing sounds good.
My stomach is still 'off' and has been for months, usually I can eat tho. I am sure it will get better. 
I had to get up today because my back hurt. From what the radio said I missed 2 nice, sunny days. 
I do have lunch plans today.........not sure if I'll be able to make it. 
It's going to be better and better....
Although I may still need those short naps. 

Thanks for visiting, for your prayers, and kind words.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Your body was telling you to rest and that's what you did. Can you eat yogurt? That's helps get the system back and running when it's been down. I know it's probably different with the treatments, but it may help. Just a thought. The ginger in Ginger ale is good for nausea. Have you thought about using essential oils. Peppermint helps. Continue to pray for you.

  2. Linda I am with you . I don't know what happened the last 2 day's..if I couldn't pick up my phone I couldn't do this right now! Swype and get to be here. I need to get up but not sure I can...hugs...

  3. I think Kevin meant well when he brought you home a hamburger. Silly man! I suppose no Gin Gin in the world is going to help the nausea. Maybe you need the dexamethasone?

  4. Oh no... I hope you're feeling better today. I pray this weekend is good for you.

  5. I am glad you get hydration with all that sleeping. I wish I could help you!

  6. Sleep was your friend. I've always heard that our body heals best during sleep. Hope that was the case. Sure hope your "taster" gets back to normal soon so you can eat and drink. When my sister was going through chemo she said everything tasted metallic. Yuk!