Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Such A Pretty Card

Yesterday I received this beautiful, hand painted card in the mail. 
I love the colors and the encouraging words for life.

Sarah is a 94 year old artist with many talents. 
Stop over and check out her blog, it will be an inspiration to you, I am sure. 

It's a sunny day.............so far..........
Today I MIGHT take the boys to the library, I have more things to cross of my 'to-do list', and Red Hats tonight. :-)  I should be a great day!


  1. How beautiful and such a sweet gift to treasure! You should put it where it's visible every morning when you wake up and that way, you can enjoy it and be reminded of all the good things to focus on!

  2. What a pretty card and such a gift to receive something that requires that much handwork. Lots of good thoughts there.

    Thanks for visiting 20 North Ora.