Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Saturday Drive

Saturday my friend and I took a drive to meet an 'old' pen pal of mine for lunch. Colleen and I used to exchange hand written letters MANY years ago. During those years we've become grandmothers, Colleen  was widowed, both of us have retired, one (possibly both) of us has cancer. Colleen lives in Ohio and has family living about 45 miles away from here. A couple of years ago she and her daughter drove to WI and we managed to meet them for lunch. We had a repeat performance again on saturday. Before our lunch date Deb and I managed to check out the large St Vincent de Paul store in Appleton and a couple of other places. 
We ate, we chatted, we took some photos. 

me, Deana, Deb, Colleen

I had hoped to drive to Ohio to visit Colleen in the fall, but that's not happening this year. 

Our grandson spend the night last night, again. It was chilly here actually felt 'fallish' started out with a bit of sun and some warmth, but that didn't last. I didn't sleep good last night and was tired so we just had a lazy, inside day today. I'm going to bed early tonight! I was hoping to do some cleaning today because I don't think I'll get much done this week....oh well...... Tomorrow is my last 'big chemo'. Then it's once a week for 12 weeks. ***sigh***
I have lots of questions for my doctor tomorrow. Wonder if he'll have answers that I'll like????
Wish me luck!


  1. Thinking of you today!
    Nice picture.
    Ohio in the fall sounds good....if you are feeling ok. :-)

  2. Linda, you are in my prayers. I'm delighted that you got to see Colleen again and had a nice visit. I love letters, not many people write anymore. My oldest granddaughter and I are pen pals and it is a joyful and heartfelt thing, every-time I open my mailbox and there is a letter or postcard from by Abbey Rose. I also have a brother who past away the same year that Steve and I were married. He was living on his sailboat off an island south of Guam, working on a goverment job. I have a stack of letters that he wrote home and even though it has been thirty-eight years ago that he past, I can hold him close, each time I read one of his letters.
    They are precious to me. You can't do that with phone calls.

    1. I can understand how precious the letters from your brother are. Some relatives of mine had letters that my dad wrote home from WWII.....they burned them before they thought of giving them to me. I try not to think about it b/c I get upset if I do. my dad died when I was 1 and they were written before my parents were married. It has to be so much fun to find a letter from your granddaughter!

  3. Hi Linda ~ What a special get-2-gather. You are all lovely ladies. You really look good, Linda. I still love to send handwritten notes and cards. It's an art I don't plan on stopping until I no longer fill a space on this earth. I wish our children and grandchildren would embrace it, but I ask too much. I also love fountain pens, and have several, but don't use them any more as it's hard to find the ink cartridges.

    I will pray for you often. A dear friend of mine in her 40's had surgery today for a partial mastectomy. Her name is Angela...please keep her in your prayers too.

    Sending love and hugs

    1. I did add Angela to my prayers, hope all is going well for her! Unfortunately handwritten notes, invitations, cards are becoming a thing of the past. Guess I need to step up my game and set a good example.

  4. What a fun day and you look so pretty Linda.