Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

That's what I do when I can't sleep....I think.
This summer hasn't been much of a summer, it's 1/2 over and doesn't even feel like it arrived yet. But I am not complaining. I just enjoy seeing the sun, oh, I suppose I could say I haven't seen much of that either, but why complain???? It 'ain't gonna' change a thing. I am glad that it hasn't been hot and humid.....that would make it unbearable for me to wear a hat or turban. I can barely stand my fine, thin hair when it's sticky out. Sunny and mid 60's - 70's is perfect for me. I don't have any fun plans for the remainder of the summer so what will be, will be.

I have a perpetual runny nose (grandson J says it's better than a stuffy nose - he could be right), my eyes water a lot and are often stuck together when I wake up in the morning, and I have a sore on my tongue; all possibly from the chemo. These are minor problems that I can easily deal with. My stomach feels pretty good in the morning, but as the day goes on the 'ickyness' sets in. I don't quite understand that, but it seems that I eat when I don't feel quite wonder I eat so much. 

I am happy that when I am feeling better I can do many of the things that I want to.....a lot slower, but it makes me feel good when I accomplish something. I am always tired. Ideally I'd take an afternoon nap but I am not good at that, instead I go to bed early......I didn't say I go to sleep...just to bed.

I dreamt about my mom last night.....and I never do otherwise. I was out of town and had called mom, she was crying but wouldn't admit anything was wrong (she'd do that) so I had to tell my sister to call her b/c she lived nearby. End of dream. Hmmm...

Thanks for stopping's almost the weekend...not that has any special meaning for me....but you might have plans. 


  1. Next Summer will be better! Big plans for us!

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for stopping by The River.
    My prayers are with you.
    xx oo

  3. I still think of mom every day and miss calling her.

  4. I can't sleep either. My mind won't let me! Maybe sleeping pills might work for you.
    I loved the library! I thought it was so cool to write my name on the card. This was the school library.

  5. Sometimes I lay in bed with eyes wide open and then the brain kicks in and brings up every thing that's stuffed in there to the surface for me to think over. Might take an hour before I give out and fall asleep. If I have a bad day, then all the not so nice things float to the surface. Then I get up, have a hot cup of Lady Grey tea and read a bit. That seems to help a lot. Hope your weekend went well.