Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm On A Roll/Blessings

Yes, I am so blessed.
I am not necessarily happy about having breast cancer but I am receiving many blessings from God. He has it all under control and it's all good and being taken care of.
Last week I was so busy with 4 grandchildren here. I loved every minute of it, even though my house was a mess and the grocery bill was sky high. Everyone had a good time. 
One day we went to the Maribel caves in Manitowoc county. I had never been there before and thought it would be something different for us to see. 

 We did some hiking.
The kids crawled in some of the caves. 
One cave required a climb up about 16' of rocks...I made it about 1/2 and let them go the rest of the way up. The cave had 'gold' on the ceiling and grandson J wanted my camera to take photos. I started climbing up and he said "Stay there grandma, don't risk your safety, I'll come down."
A couple of years ago a big storm came through the area and did a lot of damage to the park...we saw trees uprooted and lots of damage remains to be cleaned up.

Of course we had to go to the beach.

 We went to the aquatic center and I forgot my camera. 
We went mini golfing.
We went to our favorite museum for ice cream. 
They set up the tent in the backyard and decided to sleep in it....'cept the 2 older children came inside as soon as the 9 & 6 year olds were asleep. Shame on them.....:-)
They played war and had squirt gun fights in the back yard. 
They played dress up, watched movies, played with the 'babies', and even found some time to read.
I think we were all pooped out by Sunday and were glad to get back to our quiet, 'normal' lives. We met mom at the Fox River Mall in Appleton (the 1/2 point between our homes) so they could be returned home. Granddaughter A (11) is coming back at the end of August so we can have our girl time. She's an introvert like me and wants to scrapbook and make we will!!! 

I was too busy to blog or even read blogs all week....sorry. It's tough on a 63 year old woman to suddenly have 4 energetic children to have fun with. But I survived!!! and am so blessed to have such wonderful, healthy grandchildren.

One evening  my spirited 6 year old granddaughter came into my bedroom where I was folding laundry. She asked why I always wore those 'funny things' on my head.  I told her my meds make my hair fall out and she asked if I was bald. I said yes and she said "I thought so."  After I told her it would grow back she said she hoped it wouldn't grow back black...I had to agree. The following day she asked if I was still bald. A day or 2 later I wore my wig and she asked if my hair grew back. She's adorable!

It's time for me to say g'night......I'm tired .....I hope to be back to post tomorrow.
Can you believe July is almost over???? Where did it go?


  1. Sounds like some fun days with your grands! They keep us young!

  2. What a week! Good for the kids and good for you too. Hope you're getting some rest now as you bask in the glow of the fun you had with your adorable grands. Great photos!! BTW, did I mention that I think you're AMAZING!!

  3. I am so glad you were able to make more memories with the kids. They are so lucky.

  4. What a fun week with your grands. They are blessed to have a grandma like you. Making memories with grandparents is so sweet. Love the beautiful hair your granddaughters have! I'm happy to hear you are doing well and still have such a positive spirit! You're in my prayers.

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. Your grands are so blessed to have you! You really did a LOT of things with them while they were here. So glad that you are feeling well enough to do all of that during your treatment.