Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday

That's what the radio announcer said "It's thrifty tuesday" and I was wondering what kind of tips he was going to give out or who the special guest was going to be. I'm always interested in cheap, frugal, different ideas. It was an advertisement for a local bakery. Natural Ovens is located just a couple of miles from where I work. Their outlet store was selling bread as buy one, get one. That's the only kind of bread that I buy and I needed some so I decided to drive over to the store at noon and pick some up. Natural Ovens uses natural ingredients and no preservatives. It's a very healthy bread, even the white bread is unlike any other white bread you find in the store. It's good, filling, and a rather 'heavy' bread, I love it. They ship bread, bagels,cookies, buns all over the country.

When I opened the car door I got a whiff of fresh bread........oh so good! Fresh bread from the oven is a good smell. If you're about my age you may remember your mother or grandmother baking bread from scratch.....doesn't thinking about how good it smelled make you hungry??? I got 2 loaves of bread and a bag of buns for $2. You can't go wrong with that!

On a totally different subject - many of my Red Hat friends are at the National Red Hat day (the official date is the 25th) banquet tonight: eating good food, being entertained, and maybe even bringing home a prize. I just decided not to attend this year. I don't really know why, guess I am feeling  a bit anti-social? I am sure someone will have photos and tell me all about it. Hope they had fun!

Tomorrow is hump day! Enjoy!

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  1. Yum! I love fresh bread...:) My aunt bakes fresh break all the time and adds the best things to it....very healthy! I love it warm out of the oven with real butter slathered on...:) Have a blessed evening.
    Life On Willie Mae Lane