Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a Slow Friday Night

After a hectic, dreary, crabby week........more about that later..........I am just watching surfing.........and on QVC (click on link to see what she has-neat stuff) shopping channel Jill Martin is debuting her closet organization.  I love this rotating hexagonal closet organizer.
Her first tip is to remove everything from your closet and get rid of 75% of everything you have...yes 75%, because if you can't see it you won't wear it. I really need to follow her advice because I seem to belong to the school of more is better. Too bad I packed away most of my winter sweaters.............I need to purge! Remind me in fall that I said that!

Have you heard of her? read her book? What closet organization ideas do you have?

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