Sunday, April 14, 2013

Old, I Mean Old Postcards

A couple of weeks ago hubby went to an auction (he likes old junk too) and he brought me these 2 very old postcards. For lack of a better description I will say they are 3 dimensional plastic. This Thanksgiving one has pink fake fur in the background. The box behind it is what it was mailed in...for .02. The auctioneer said it's from 1904, but who knows for sure, we could not find a date.
Look at the neat handwriting, no one writes like that anymore...hardly anyone writes anymore. Email is nice.........but so is a real, live card or letter that you can hold in your hand, agree?

This postcard states that it was made in Germany. This pretty box was not used but there are greetings written on the inside. 
I collect postcards, mainly from places I have lived or visited. I've never seen any like these, so I guess that is why hubby purchased them for me. ....very different and I like them!