Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

As usual just a few random thoughts that pop into my head:

  • My fingernails are actually growing, all of them. Yes, one is still deformed and sometimes I break one, but .....I have fingernails. And I THINK it may be because of the avocados I have been eating, that's the only thing I'm doing differently. I don't eat massive amounts, about one per week, but I have fallen in love with avocados. Usually I just add some to a sandwich. I have a couple of recipes I want to try but that's not really easy because hubby is a very picky eater and I don't think he's ever had avocado......we'll see.....
  • I'm looking forward to watching 2 of my grand daughters dance recital on sunday afternoon. I'll warn you now - there will most likely be photos posted in a couple of days.  
  • I am not going to argue with my 8 year old grandson anymore when he says it "isn't so" and I say it is. I am the type of person that if I am right I have to prove I am right. He's 8 and if he says his older brother did not dress up as hot dog for Halloween and I know he did, I going to walk away.....does it really matter? I think he has some kind of defiance disorder and stuff like that is not worth arguing about anymore. right??? I keep telling myself that.
  • trivia question: What is the longest word, commonly used, in the English language that has all the letters that in alphabetical order?  (answer at the end of this post - now I have to think of more thursday thoughts)
  • Family relationships are sooooooooo complicated. I will I could fix the relationships between all of my children, but I can't do it.  One thing I'd say is "Talk to each other once in awhile. Remember you share a history that NO ONE ELSE has."
  • if you are a praying person I'd appreciate prayers for a good friend of mine.
  • The good news is my sister and her boyfriend will be moving into their 'new' house next month. God sent Jack to Sandy so she wouldn't be alone after our mother passed away. He also gave her Oliver (mom's cat) so when her cat died she'd have another furry friend to love. 

the answer to my trivia question is almost

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  1. Wonderful for Sandy how God's perfect timing works.