Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's Go Shopping......

Shopping puts everyone in a better mood, right? .....maybe..... if you don't overspend..... So I guess I'll just look. It's still cold, rainy, and gray here....we aren't expecting to see any sun until saturday....we even have flood warnings.......so what else is there to do???
I like this necklace, or maybe something not quite so dramatic might work better for me. I should be shopping for others, April starts our big birthday season.

But I also need this garden cart, I could put a couple of big pots in here and haul 'em around, or remove the garden waste in one trip.

I adore this magnetic bulletin board. 

I bought a shelf for above my washer & dryer. It's a small room so I MIGHT be able to spiff it up without a huge amount of effort. 

I love lace tanks....not sure if it would look good one me, but it looks great on her!

I could use this clip & spin organizer from Hobby Lobby!

OF COURSE, I want an ipad.....who doesn't?

Well, I'm all shopped out and I didn't find anything for anyone else...........sorry......... I don't buy a lot of things online, especially if it's something I am going to wear. I'm old fashioned and still like to hold it in my hand and touch it before I buy. 

I've actually been staying out of the stores lately....I have to! In fact today I dropped a few things off at the consignment shop, making $20 is better than spending $20. 

Come back later and see what I do buy!

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  1. I love that necklace too! Very cool.
    What should we do about birthdays...want to just lunch?